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Letter from the Chairman

With every good wish to make the right choices ...

Merci et bonne chance pour vos choix futurs...


The Chairman, Ms Blanche Ullens De Schooten


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Présentation de la Société

Standard Ethics Ltd is an independent London-based Sustainability Rating agency, which assigns Solicited Sustainability Ratings (SSR) to companies, green bonds and sovereign issuers.

As a brand, Standard Ethics has been known since 2001 in the world of Sustainable Finance and ESG (Environmental, Social and Governance) studies.



In the last two decades, new elements – such as communication technologies and Internet – have created open and transparent financial markets, with the participation of growing segments of non-professional investors (through funds and pension funds or trading platforms), resulting in:

  • greater attention to extra-financial issues, tangible and intangible, with repercussions on the level of trust;
  • new assessments on the quality and long term durability of listed financial products, whether related to companies (stocks, bonds, green bonds) or institutional issuers (such as government bonds).

Today, regulated markets, although they can be fallible and volatile, have evolved and are proving to be the most important and independent system in assessing the long-term sustainability of many human activities.

The conclusion of Standard Ethics is that we are facing the end of the classic financial era, focused exclusively on economic variables, which is why the Standard Ethics Rating makes a decisive contribution to the refinement of strategies, languages and ways in which an issuer operates on the market.



Standard Ethics draws its model and expertise from an Asset Management Company that was established in 2001 to manage Socially Responsible Funds.

In 2002, the company started developing and promoting exclusively socially responsible investments. At the same time it started issuing sustainability ratings to companies and countries.

In 2003, after a spin-off, some major changes were made: it dismissed the Asset Management business, moved to Brussels, and focused its business on sustainability rating and scientific research, under the name of AEI Standard Ethics EEIG (European Economic Interest Grouping).

In 2013, Standard Ethics Ltd absorbs AEI Standard Ethics EEIG and becomes the first independent European Sustainability rating agency following the decision to issue only rating on request ("solicited"), with a standard methodology. uses cookies to improve your browsing experience and provide better content over time. By using the Site you agree to the use of cookies on our part. OK Read More