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What We Do

What we do?

Standard Ethics assigns Solicited Sustainability Ratings (SSR) to:

  • Companies
  • Sovereign issuers
  • Green Bonds

The Standard Ethics Rating©, that has been tested over the last 16 years, is:

  • Solicited, because it is issued only on request by an applicant, the recipient of the rating.
  • Standard, because any rating is always comparable to others since the algorithms are aligned to the same guidelines. For this reason, clients or other third parties cannot change the agency's principles of evaluation or change the procedures for issuing ratings.
  • Independent, because its assignment is incompatible with the supply of other services, research and consulting activities related to the data collected. Furthermore, no common financial and economic interests exist between the rating agency and the applicant.

In short, the Standard Ethics Rating is a rating that intends to deliver an opinion on the level of compliance by companies and sovereign nations in the field of sustainability and corporate social responsibility (CSR) on the basis of documents and guidelines published by:

  • the United Nations (UN);
  • the Organisation for Economic Cooperation and Development (OECD);
  • the European Union (EU).

We exist to help companies and organisations talk a common language with stakeholders and investors.

For details on rating methodology, please visit the dedicated website.


And, how we do that?

Standard Ethics scheme comprises an analyst-driven rating process lasting six-eight weeks (on average) based on Guidelines composed of 219 analysis points. To ensure accuracy and comparability of the final evaluation, SE uses a proprietary six-variable algorithm
The work to be carried out does not require applicants to fill out forms and questionnaires or draft other documentation in addition to existing information. Standard Ethics analysts will gather the required data through standard procedures and common guidelines.


Our impartiality

Standard Ethics has a governance model that has been designed to offer a comparable and standardized system of ratings, ensuring incompatibility between ratings and other economic activities and reduce any others cases of conflicts of interest.

Standard Ethics has a structure supervised by an independent Compliance Officer. Data collection and quotations for assigning Standard Ethics Ratings are supervised by its Rating Committee. uses cookies to improve your browsing experience and provide better content over time. By using the Site you agree to the use of cookies on our part. OK Read More