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Why Our Rating

A Rating by Standard Ethics helps the applicant to achieve goals on governance, environmental and social issues.

An external and independent assessment that would provide the organisation a tool to measure itself from the international guidelines on ESG matters.

Also, investors and stakeholders more and more need companies to be accountable for what they do and their impact in the society.


The key advantages of an assessment and a Rating by Standard Ethics can be clearly summarized in:

  1. Anticipation - EU, OECD and UN voluntary guidelines on CSR, sustainability and governance anticipate future national and OECD legislative requirements.
  2. Independent Assessment - For many investors and analysts, companies that apply for a SER is a mark of seriousness and excellence because it is based on a truly independent assessment performed by a specialised agency.
  3. Improved relationships - Being assisted by a rating agency motivates stakeholders and employees to cooperate with their companies to face a common and constructive challenge by improving relationships in order to achieve optimum internationalisation.
  4. Clear references - EU, OECD and UN voluntary guidelines are clear references for the economic world. The market values each effort to comply with these guidelines. In relation to other approaches to CSR that are less measurable and comparable, corporate communication benefits in terms of incisiveness and clarity.
  5. Credibility and reputation - Standard Ethics Ratings are a symbol of transparency because they offer comparability vis-à-vis competitors. They therefore enhance credibility and reputation with clients and shareholders. uses cookies to improve your browsing experience and provide better content over time. By using the Site you agree to the use of cookies on our part. OK Read More