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Compliance Officer

The Compliance officer, with internal control functions, has to be independent from the management and ownership and is appointed, according to the protocol supervision, with the task of enforcing the code of conduct and the protocol supervision. The officer enjoys all the powers to limit any cases of conflicts of interest between Standard Ethics and the client/issuer. Moreover, in compliance with the principle "comply or explain", he has the power to externally communicate discrepancies or delays in the execution of plans and projects previously communicated.


Elizabeth Hannah - Compliance Officer

Elizabeth is a solicitor of the Courts of England & Wales.

She advises internationally focused companies and individuals with cross border operations, in relation to new business ventures and in managing assets in more than one country. She has extensive experience of working with international companies (principally industrial companies supplying to the oil & gas sector) both as an external lawyer and in legal counsel roles covering the EMEA region, including advising in relation to increasingly important corporate governance and compliance issues.  She has a genuine interest in corporate responsibility and sustainability and is a firm believer that responsible and sustainable business practises are of fundamental importance in creating long-term shareholder value.

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