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Highest standard of independence

Standard Ethics aims to achieve the highest standard of independence, complying with the following five pillars:

  • It does not include among its shareholders companies or investors potentially in conflict of interest
  • It does not provide among its activities any consultancy, to corporations or asset managers
  • It does not accept any external certification processes that can affect and limit the independence of the methodology
  • It is not part of any lobby organisation or any certification bodies and is not a member of opinion groups and does not participate in permanent forums on sustainable finance or social responsibility aimed at drafting new proposals to be submitted to international institutions.
  • The Board of the company complies with international guidelines on diversity of nationalities, professional skills and gender equality. The majority of the board is independent. uses cookies to improve your browsing experience and provide better content over time. By using the Site you agree to the use of cookies on our part. OK Read More