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Rating Committee

The Rating Committee is responsible to assess the validity of the rating process and its final valuation. It can propose corrections and communicate directly to the Board.

Members do not have business relationships with clients. The Compliance officer, empowered by the code of conduct and the supervisory protocol, participates to Committee meetings.


Committee Members

The committee is composed of five members based in Brussels, Paris, San Paolo, Rome and Strasbourg.


MARCO RICCERI - The Chairman

Marco is acting as general secretary of the EURISPES, a primary Italian research institute in the economic, social, local development (see web site Marco is also: chairman, Committee of High Consultancy-C.E.C., I.T.A. – Italian Trade Commission, (Rome); chairman of the Scientific Committee, European Network on Regional Labour Market Monitoring- EN-RLMM (Frankfurt a.M); co-founder and co-ordinator of the European Research Group “European Social Model” (Bremen-London-Rome); co-founder of the European Research Group “Social Incertainity and Precairty”-S.U.P.I. (Berlin); member of the Steering Committee of the European Foundation for Social Quality-EFSQ (Amsterdam-The Hague); enrolled in the list of “Pool of Reviewers” of the European Science Foundation-E.S.F.(Strasbourg) for: “European Social Policy”, “Industrial Relations”. uses cookies to improve your browsing experience and provide better content over time. By using the Site you agree to the use of cookies on our part. OK Read More