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Standard Ethics, in its mission to promote best practices in corporate social responsibility, organizes and participates as a scientific partner to conferences and events.

11th April 2018. Workshop: MF-SRI Day. "Fondi Pensione e Iorp II: la nuova gestione del rischio nei portafogli sostenibili". Milan, Italy







23rd January 2018. Workshop: MF-SRI Day. "Trasparenza ed efficienza nei prossimi prodotti di finanza sostenibile: la nuova frontiera dell’investment grade. Milan, Italy






02nd October 2017. Convention: "Premio Ambrogio Lorenzetti per il buon governo d'impresa. V Editione". Milano, Italy







25th November 2016. Convention: "Fifth convention on CSR". Unindustria Auditorium. Bologna, Italy














08th July 2015. Workshop: "Financial instruments for Internationalisation". Chamber of Commerce of Brescia. Brescia, Italy


14/15/16th April 2015. Workshop:  "Are they possibile a different, more balanced and cohesive development model and social qualitiy". CAE Ferrero.
Wroclaw, Poland


28th November 2014. The ESOP Centre. London 

Mapping economy democracy in the semester. Helping employee participation to boost economic growth

29th May 2014. Workshop:  "Il rating di legalità". Fondazione Rubes Triva
Venue: Sala Einaudi Fondazione Rubes Triva, Rome.


30th April 2014. European Sustainability Day 2014. Florence

The European Sustainability Day is an annual event aimed at enhancing the European Culture of Sustainability and Corporate Social Responsibilty. 

Standard Ethics, the scientific partner of ESD, coordinates panels and edits publications. 


Download the programme of the Day: "Small Forum on Banks and Markets" (only in Italian). 


26th November 2013. Workshop: "Working Group CSR: The increasing trend of investing responsibly". EACD Forum
Venue: UBS Conference Center, Zurich

19th December 2012European Sustainability Day 2012 - Workshop. Florence
Download the programme of the Day: "Europa 2020 e modelli operativi di sviluppo sostenibile e integrato delle aree metropolitane italiane"
Visit the website of the European Sustainability Day

22nd May 2012. Business Fair at HKUST. Hong Kong.
HKUST Business School and Net Impact, with the patronage of Standard Ethics, organized a business fair event held at the University that aimed to attract young professionals and students from schools across Hong Kong (HKUST, HKU, CUHK etc.) and present current events related to corporate social responsibility and good business.


11th May 2012. European Sustainability Day 2012. Florence

The European Sustainability Day is an annual event aimed at enhancing the European Culture of Sustainability and Corporate Social Responsibilty. Standard Ethics, the scientific partner of ESD, coordinates panels and edits publications. Download the programme of the Day: "Sustainable Europe and young generations". 


10th May 2012. 5 Ideas For A Younger Europe. Florence
Standard Ethics, supported by the City of Florence and with the participation of Ms Anna Maria Darmanin, promoted a day dedicated to "5 Ideas For A Younger Europe".

The first vice-president of the European Parliament, Mr Gianni Pittella, and the vice-president of the European Economic and Social Committee, Ms Anna Maria Darmanin, who is responsible for the EESC's communication policy, will be visiting some European universities to meet young political science and communication students.
This initiative is part of the going local policy pursued by the European institutions, who are increasingly seeking to narrow the gap between the general public and "official" Europe.

06th May 2012. European Sustainability Day 2011. Florence
Standard Ethics, under the patronage of the Committee of the Regions of the European Union, promoted and organized the first edition of the European Sustainability Day and took place in May 6, in Florence, at the Polo Universitario di Novoli, as part of the Festival of Europe. The main goal of the event, to occur annually, is to disseminate an European culture on environmental, social and economic sustainability.

Europa di nome Futura”, the name given to the event, was made of two sessions.
In the first session it was discussed “Europe 2020” strategy to deliver smart, sustainable and inclusive growth, and to find the path to create a new model of society in Italy and Europe. A panel of MEPs (Members of the European Parliament) debated on the proposal of the Italian government introduced in Brussels to activate Strategy 2020 at national level. In general, the topics argued was the greenhouse effect, employment, renewable energy, energy efficiency and climate change, followed by a debate about their consequences and effectiveness on economy and civil society.

In the second session, less formal, private and public companies presented and discussed on sustainability and their contribution to it involving the audience and media.


23rd November 2011. Lecture: "What is Corporate Social Responsibility?. BBA in Global Business.
Venue: Hong Kong University of Science and Technology.

17th /19th November 2011. Communication. “The Week of Employee Financial Participation in the EU”. Session 7 “EFP in Europe Tomorrow: The Building Block Approach and Mutual Recognition”. European Project Promoting Employee Financial Participation in the EU27.  
Venue: European Economic and Social Committee, Jacques Delors Building, Brussels.

6th May 2011. Presentation: “Quando un progetto è credibile, quando è solo della reputazione”. European Day of Sustainability at Festival d’Europa. European University Institute, and European Commission.  
Venue: University of Florence. Florence.

10th October 2011. Presentation: “Rating etico nel mondo for profit”.  Meeting: “Il lavoro possibile. Buone pratiche di responsabilità socialeSportello lavoro, Azienda ospedaliera “Carlo Poma”, Lunezia, Api Industria, Comune di Suzzara.
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