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Welcome to Standard Ethics Website

Standard Ethics is a London-based independent sustainability rating company that provides a comparable and standardized rating system suited to a modern rating agency in terms of methodology, long-term evaluations and fairness: the Standard Ethics Rating (SER).

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Complying with the future

Self-evaluation of CSR, governance and sustainability is useful, but it only shows your perception about risks. Cross the bridge: move from self-assessment to Standard Ethics Rating.

Corporate Rating

The Standard Ethics Rating is issued to companies and organizations wishing to compare their ESG performance with guidelines and models promoted by the EU, the OECD and the UN.

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Country Rating

Standard Ethics issues unsolicited ratings of OECD countries which are examples of sound evaluations based on EU, OECD and UN principles.

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Green Bond Ratings

Standard Ethics assigns Sustainability Ratings to Green Bonds. Find out more on the dedicated website.

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Sustainability Indices

Standard Ethics Indices measure financial appreciation of ESG. Find out more on the dedicated website.

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